One of our Lex Fun 4 Kids writers took her son out for some ice skating at the Unified Trust Ice Skating Rink at Triangle Park in downtown Lexington.  She has 5 great tips for you to plan your visit!

(2017) The week before Christmas during school winter break, my husband and I took our 5-year-old son ice-skating for the first time at Triangle Park! We had thought about it last year but by the time we got around to it, they were closed for the season already. But we finally did this year and had a great time! I hadn’t skated in many, many years but was happy it came back to me although my much older body struggled a little! My son started off slow but kept trying and towards the end of our skate time started to get the hang of it and was more confident and wants to try again!

Some tips for you if you plan to go…

1. Hours of Operation

Their season is short (starts in November and ends in mid January) which has surprised me in past years because I don’t start feeling in a winter mood until January when it’s wrapping up! So you’ve been warned, go early or you’ll miss it! Also, check out their Hours of Operation because they’re open longer when school is closed…

2020 Hours and Info 

Monday – Thursday: 4pm -10pm
Friday: 4pm – 11pm
Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Sunday: 1:30pm – 9pm

Hours When Fayette County Schools Are Out:
Monday – Thursday: 10am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Sunday: 1:30pm – 9pm

All persons are strongly advised to avoid visiting the Venue with any personal notice or sign of illness or symptom of COVID-19.

All guests entering the Venue and at all times when inside the Venue’s skate-change/bench area and ice surface IS REQUIRED TO WEAR A PROPER FACE MASK or nose/mouth cloth face covering.

To further define the 6-foot social distancing-points, graphic stickers or bright-yellow gaffers-type tape is applied to the ground or onto the rubber floor mats within the Venue.

It is recommended to have a SEPARATE ENTRY GATE and SEPARATE EXIT GATE onto the ice surface, to minimize cross-traffic of skaters. At the time of ice resurfacing, BOTH GATES should be used to exit all skaters, and for re-entry of all skaters.

Benches and/or chairs for skaters are arranged to allow for 6-feet of social distancing between individuals and their household units.

A gel/foam disinfectant will be located throughout the Venue.
All primary touchpoints will be regularly disinfected and wiped clean— ON-THE-HOUR, EVERY HOUR of the daily operation:
Service counters, POS screens, credit card processing equipment.
Handrails in the rink entrance and skate-change area.
Rink perimeter dasher board handrails.
UPON THE HANDOUT and UPON THE RETURN of each and every rental ice skate, spray disinfectant will be applied to each skate exterior and interior by a staff member—at the skate rental counter.
The standard capacity of the ice rink surface, during normal times of operation, is 1-skater per 25-square feet (1:25) to 1-skater per 32-square feet (1:32); these ranges of public capacity are typical fire-marshal recommendations.
During this COVID-19 pandemic period, the capacity of the ice rink surface WILL BE REDUCED as follows:
1-skater per 50-square feet (1:50); this is a reduction in the capacity of the ice rink surface in the range of 36-50%, versus typical capacity limits set for ice rinks by various fire marshals. This capacity will allow for proper social distancing between individuals, couples, and families.
**Be advised that during the typical non-pandemic operating seasons, during most hours of operation, typical rinks NEVER reach this capacity.
For your information, 6-foot-diameter social distancing guideline is 1-person per 36-square feet (1:36). The skating capacity of 1-skater per 50-square feet (1:50) stated above is at least 38%-LESS than the CDC’s social distancing guideline, allowing for free-movement around the ice surface by skaters, with each individual, couple, or family-group to have a reasonable space to skate.
The skate-change/bench area of the ice rink should be limited to a capacity of 1-person per 36-square feet (1:36), the exact social distancing guideline of the CDC. This capacity and arranged benches or standing-areas will allow individuals or household units to sit or stand or at least 6-feet apart.

2. Cost

The cost to skate is $15 (2020-2021) for 60 minutes of skate time, which includes skate rental. The price is the same for everyone (kids, adults, etc) but they do take credit cards. You might be thinking “we only get 60 minutes?”…trust me that’s all you’ll need. You’ll be tired and ready to go at that point! (in fact we took a couple of short breaks on the benches outside the rink during the hour to rest our legs).

3. Crowds

We went on a day when schools were on break and I was worried about the crowds and how they’d be. We found it to be crowded but could still skate and didn’t feel like we were bumping into people too much. Also, I would recommend this activity for 4 year old and older (or maybe an adventurous 3 year old). Any younger than that and you’ll have trouble finding skates that fit and I’d worry they’d get run over by people who won’t see them.

4. Bundle Up! (A helmet might help too!)

Unless it’s an unusually warm day, be sure to bundle up! The ice rink is in Triangle Park, which sits right behind Rupp Arena and the hotel and so is shaded which makes it feel colder than it is. But we wore our hats, scarves and mittens and we were good! I actually might recommend a helmet for kids. We didn’t bring one for my son and after he fell and hit the ice, I wish I had brought his bike helmet just to be safe. (they don’t provide them there)

5. End with Hot Chocolate!

Their website says that there is a place to buy Hot Chocolate in the park but we didn’t see it or it wasn’t open the day we were there. So we went across to Starbucks and warmed up there! It’s a must after some ice-skating!
If you have any questions, here is the link to their website. Have fun!

-Jennifer, Lex Fun 4 Kids Writer

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