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Find local after school programs, school’s out and no school day programs in Central KY.  Holiday?  Snow Day?  Summer Break!

Lex Fun 4 Kids has you covered!

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Many schools offer a program within the school for after school care.  Some schools run the program themselves but many are offered through Lexington Parks and Recreation.  There are also programs that will pick up after school or if you need before school care they will drop off your children at their school.  You can ask at your child’s school about what programs are available for them.

Extended School Program (ESP)

ESP is regulated by the Kentucky Administrative Regulations (922 KAR 2:090, 2:120, and 2:280) and adheres to strict staff to student ratios. The activities offered include homework assistance along with recreation and leisure activities. ESP operates from time of dismissal (2:35 p.m.) to 6 p.m. during the school day, or 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on full day camps. Each year, students must reapply to be accepted into the programs.

Garrett Morgan Elementary (Waitlisted)
Site Phone: (859) 489-9852
Contact: Leslie Neimeier
Services offered: After school

Millcreek Elementary
Site Phone: (859) 489-9831
Contact: Erika Schlarb
Services offered: After school

Stonewall Elementary
Site Phone: (859) 224-8045
Contact: Sarah Pigg
Services offered: After school, full days, summer camp

Yates Elementary
Site phone: (859) 270-7062
Contact: Leslie Adams
Services Offered: After school


Recreation Enrichment and Learning Program (REAL)

The Recreation Enrichment and Learning Program is an after school program for middle school students. The REAL program is affordable, maintains a low staff to student ratio, and offers a range of both recreational and educational activities for students. Each year, students must reapply to be accepted into the programs.

Morning session: 7 – 9 a.m. (Start of school)
Evening session: 4 – 6 p.m.

EJ Hayes Middle
Site phone: (859) 457-8286
Contact: Erika Schlarb

Jessie Clark Middle
Site phone: (859) 457-1960
Contact: Leslie Adams

All About Kids

YMCA of Central KY

The Academy Gymnastics and Cheer

Childcare Network

Kidz Konnection

Kids R Kids

Common Good After School Program

Martial Arts USA

Elite Martial Arts

Lexington Elite After School Program

When school is out for one or two days or for spring break and you need care for just a day or for the week these programs are available at many local kid-friendly spots.

Living Arts and Science Center


The Little Gym

YMCA of Central KY

Newton’s Attic

Lexington Children’s Theatre

Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning


All About Kids Childcare and Learning Center

Legacy Gymnastics

The Academy Gymnastics and Cheer

Childcare Network



Lexington Elite After School Program

School is cancelled – now what!?  Check out these great options.  Some are added the day of so be sure to check that morning and see if Lex Fun 4 Kids has a special Snow Day Deals post up!  Some of the above programs may also offer programming.



The Academy Gymnastics and Cheer

Summer is a great time to check out camps, special events, and more!

There are even more great resources available on Lex Fun 4 Kids!  

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