It’s time for Kindergarten registration for students entering Fayette Co. Public Schools in the fall of 2023-2024.

Kentucky law requires youths between 6 and 18 years old to attend school, and the birthday cutoff to enroll in kindergarten is age 5 on or before Aug. 1. Also, families may apply for preschool if their child turns 4 on or before Aug. 1 and is income-eligible. Three- and 4-year-olds who have a special need may also apply for the Fayette County Preschool Program year-round.*

2023-24 sign-up window:

The initial kindergarten registration window is Feb. 6-17 for children joining FCPS this fall.

You will need to register online to begin this process.

Follow these steps to sign up a kindergartener or other student who is new to FCPS:

  1. First, tap the icons below to review the necessary paperwork.
  2. Then, start with online registration
  3. Lastly, call your school’s registrar for an appointment to finish the packet in person. Note: If FCPS buildings are closed, then registration is canceled (e.g. snow day). 

FCPS enrolls students at the school where they are zoned based on residential address. Once we receive all the required documents, your school will confirm your child’s enrollment.  

Requirements for enrolling in FCPS:

  • Child’s birth certificate or other reliable proof of identity *
  • Two proofs of residence, such as a property deed or current lease agreement in your name, and a secondary document such as a current utility bill or a current tax bill or receipt
  • Up-to-date Kentucky immunization certificate **
  • Proof of child’s recent preventative healthcare exam **
  • Proof of a dental exam (due by Jan. 1)
  • Proof of an eye exam (due by Jan. 1)
  • Court documents pertaining to your child, if applicable

* FCPS must receive a legal copy of the child’s birth certificate or another official document proving the child’s identity and date of birth. The following are acceptable alternatives: 

  • Adoption records;
  • Valid passport or other federal government identification;
  • Military identification or immigration card;
  • Valid Kentucky driver’s license or permit;
  • Prior school records (other than FCPS) identifying the student by name and date of birth; or
  • Statement: “At this time, I am unable to provide the school with one of the acceptable forms of proof listed above. I understand that this constitutes a written notice that Kentucky state law requires that I provide the certified birth certificate or one of the above-listed items to the school within 30 days of student enrollment.”

You can get a birth-certificate application from the assigned school or from the Fayette County Health Department, 650 Newtown Pike; call (859) 252-2371.

** You may register without these two documents, but your child may not attend school until the immunization certificate is on file with FCPS.

There are also required health forms. Click HERE for health forms information.

* Preschool program: The Fayette County Preschool Program has additional requirements; please see the preschool webpage for application instructions. You then have seven options for submitting your information for preschool.

There are even more great resources available on Lex Fun 4 Kids!  

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