Elf on the Shelf Ideas for your family!  Our family loves welcoming our elves Hermie and Bryce Jordan, back each year!  My boys love imagining what he’ll do next!  I love the internet for ideas so I thought we’d share our adventures as well.  Hope you enjoy some elf fun this year!

Elf pics 1

Hanging with our Angel
Bringing a New Hobby
Taking a Shower

Elf pics 2

Shooting Hoops
Playing with Vehicles

Elf pics 4

Painting Noses Red
Reading a Good Book
TP on the Tree
Taking Off

Elf pics 5

Sack Race
Napping in the Nativity
Tissue Bed

Elf pics 6

Green Milk
Atop the Stable
Snow Angel

Elf pics 7

Roasting Marshmallows with Friends
Bringing a Treat
Undie Stockings

Elf pics 8

Toothpaste Message
Chandelier Fun
Dry Erase Artwork

Elf pics 9

Fake Snow Fun
A Vacation to Disney World

Elf pics 10

Going Fishing
A Relaxing Bath
Music with Friends

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Find Santa, Music, Train Rides, Trees and more!!

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