AutumnFest at Bi-Water Farm is an annual tradition for my family and is a great place for all ages.  I’ve been attending since 2000 when I took my first trip with the 1st and 2nd graders I was teaching.  Pumpkins, hayrides, a great little kid spooky house, baby animals, a giant slide, play areas, train ride, mini golf, and MORE!  The kids had a blast and so did I!

Check out the Lex Fun 4 Kids Review and plan your fun!!

Bi-Water farm, fall festivals are open 7 days a week.

AutumnFest SM Hours

September 12-September 24
Monday- Saturday 9:00 am -6:00pm
Sunday noon-6:00 pm

September 25- October 31
Monday – Thursday 9:00 am- 6:00pm
Friday- Saturday 9:00-9:00pm
Sunday noon- 7:00pm

Note:  No admittance 1 hour before closing

Conveniently located in Georgetown Kentucky.
(Just minutes from Lexington)

For complete listing of all Adventures visit

General Admission.  $11.99 plus sales tax.
2 years and younger are free.

Allows all day access and as many visits as you wish to all of the following Adventures.

Click HERE for information on a Season Pass!

Extras!!  SAVE when you buy a ticket combos!

2020 SPECIAL!  
PURCHASE 4 OR MORE 1 DAY PASSES OF ANY COMBINATION at one time and ONLINE only and you will receive 1/2 gallon apple cider OR a half peck of apples or 1/2 dozen donuts FREE!! when you check in at the farm. (Your freebie is our choice)

AutumnFest Attractions… 

Hayrides, Spooky FarmHouse,  Enchanted Barnyard, Pirates Cove, Trike Track, Barnyard Babies, Lost Pumpkin Mine, li’l Pumpkin Play Patch, The Bird House, Bunnyville, Cowboy Corral, Billy Goat Mountain, 5 Acre Corn Maze, Sky High Slide, People Spinners, Bi-Water Ball Park, Pumpkin Vine Zip Lines, Bounce Around Corral, Chutes & Slides.  Click HERE for all the info on the attractions!

General Admission:  Only $11.99 plus tax for general admission (children 2 and under are free).  Or, with season tickets, for one low price you can return again and again.  General Admission tickets include a lot of fun for the family. Hayrides, 5 acre corn maze, Spooky FarmHouse, Pirates Cove, Petting zoo, Pumpkin Warrior Obstacle (NEW this YEAR), Chutes & Slides, People Spinners and a whole lot more .. For a complete List go to You can enjoy all of these events as many times as you wish all day long, every day of the week! $11.99 + tax (2 and under are FREE)

Fall Fun Combo Pass: Only $15.99 plus tax includes all General Admission attractions PLUS:  The Fall Fun Combo Pass includes EVERYTHING in the General Admission ticket PLUS Miniature Golf and the new Cannon Command! That is a $19.99 value for only $15.99 + .96 sales tax 2 year old and younger are FREE.  The Cannon Command , Paintball, Miniature Golf, Dinosaur Dig!, and AutumnFest Express Train ONLY operate on Saturday and Sunday so this TICKET IS ONLY VALID ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY

Adventure Farm VIP Pass: Best value at only $19.99 plus tax.  It includes EVERYTHING in the General Admission ticket + EVERYTHING in the Fall Fun Combo Pass + Paintball Target Shooting + our AutumnFest Express Train + Dinosaur Dig!. A $29 value for only $19.99 + tax 2 Years and younger are FREE  The Cannon Command , Paintball, Miniature Golf, Dinosaur Dig!, and AutumnFest Express Train ONLY operate on Saturday and Sunday so THIS TICKET IS ONLY VALID ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY

Personal and Group Bonfires:  A bonfire site at Bi-Water Farm is a perfect fall, family or group activity, birthday party, real estate salesperson gathering potential clients, church youth groups and many more. You can bring your own picnic and cooking supplies or, you can make your life easier and purchase food from any of our food catering choices. Bring your camera, flashlights for evening use, folding chairs and an extra jacket for the crisp fall evenings. We will get your fire started and supply the wood.  All sales are final. No refunds.
The bonfires sites are available Saturday & Sunday September 12 – October 31 and on Friday evenings September 25 – October 30.  There are different levels to choose from depending on your party size.  But ALL levels INCLUDE ADMISSIONS TO AUTUMNFEST PLUS the bonfire.  Click for INFO.

Bi-Water Attractions!

Pumpkin Warrior Obstacle – New Activity!!  Are you worthy of being a Pumpkin Warrior? Climbing, balancing, jumping… the challenge of the Obstacle Course.  This fun activity is perfect for kids 12 and under!  Free with admission.

Spooky FarmhouseSM – You’ll see a ghost and then a witch around the next corner.  This family-friendly farmhouse provides enjoyment for all ages. Note to parents: No blood or guts in this house! Free with admission.

Enchanted Barnyard – I just love sheep, don’t you? Our animal petting area features many of our farm animals. To get an even more up close and personal experience with these friendly animals, you can feed them using food dispensed for a quarter in the area. Note to parents: A change machine is provided in the Enchanted Barnyard in case you forget to pack your quarters. Free with admission.

Pirates Cove – Yo-ho-ho matey! Our pirate-themed play area allows kids to use their imagination while listening to our pirate band play their jovial tunes. Sand boxes, tunnels, see-saws and more allow for family play time in a fun, new environment. Free with admission.

Trike Track – Whether they’re racing against the clock or taking a leisurely spin around the track, this serpentine tricycle track is fun for your kids 8 years and under. Free with admission.

Barnyard Babies – Barnyard Babies will have you and your family saying “aww!” as you enjoy baby bunnies, chicks and ducks. Our ducks even enjoy going down a duck slide, and that’s a sight you won’t want to miss! Free with admission.  

Pumpkin Vine Zip Lines:  Fifty feet of low zip line fun.  Our beginners zip line is great fun for your young child.  Designed as a safe way to have some zip line excitement for children ages 8 and under.  Free with admission.

Lost Pumpkin Mine – If you’re curious about how pumpkins are harvested, you will want to stop by the Lost Pumpkin Mine where you can learn the real story. Free with admission.

Li’l Pumpkin PlayPatch – This area of play tractors, trains and more provides plenty of room for kids to jump and climb. It’s also home to our Black Mumba. What’s a Black Mumba? Come visit us to find out.Note to parents: Your kids will love the mystery, but we’ll give you a hint: It’s a swing. Free with admission.

Soybean Maze – New Activity!! – Finding your way through our soybean maze is little different than our corn maze. You can see over top of the plants! But, finding the correct path out, can be just as difficult. Good luck!  Free with admission.

The Bird House – Visit with our resident  pheasants, pigeons, peacocks and fancy chickens. Free with admission.

Bunnyville – One of our most popular areas on the farm, Bunnyville is a small town with rabbit residents. Hop on over to check it out!  Free with admission.

Cowboy Corral – Our large rocking horses provide hours of entertainment for kids and parents alike.Note to parents: Saddle up. You know you want to. Free with admission.

Billy Goat Mountain – Help us feed our goats by using the conveyor belt to put goat feed at the top of our “mountain.” Watch the goats climb to the top to take a nibble. Free with admission.

5 Acre Corn Maze – We haven’t lost a person yet in the corn maze, and you won’t be the first. We hope. Five acres of twists and turns to conquer as a family. Free with admission.

Hayrides – No better way to ride in style on the farm than by hopping on the hayride. The hayride will take you to our pumpkin field so you can pick the perfect pumpkin, and also makes a stop near Bunnyville.  Free with admission.

Sky High Slide – Climb all the way to the top of our slide and plummet through the darkness 60 feet back to the ground.  Free with admission.

People Spinners – Ever feel like a hamster on a wheel? That’s just what the People Spinners do. Race your friends or roll along at your own speed. Free with admission.

Bi-Water Ball Park – Test your skills to see if you have the right stuff to join a major college basketball program. Free with admission

Bounce Around Corral – Young and old alike can bounce all around the corral.  Don’t fall off!!  Free with admission.

Chutes & Slides – A big area devoted to the love of climbing through tunnels and going down slides. Free with admission.

Mega Slip & Slide – As you approach our Mega Slip & Slide, you must decide which slide to conquer first.  Afterall, there are six huge slides!  But, you have time to decide… first, you must climb all the way to the top!   Free with admission.

Little Farmers PlayAcre – A play area dedicated to farm fun and agricultural education.  Learn about bees, pumpkins and apples. Spookley the Square Pumpkin and his story of anti-bullying is told here. Free with admission.

Singing Pumpkins – Take a break and sing along with our talented singing pumpkins!  Free with admission.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays… There is an additional cost if you wish to add the following items.  Save when you purchase one of our ticket combos!

AutumnFest Express – Our train takes you on a ride around Elkhorn Creek, sharing the story of the creek while you enjoy music. $4.00 with general admission ticket. SAVE when you buy one of our ticket combos!

Dinosaur Dig! –  New Activity!!  Long, long ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth freely.  Triceratops, Stegosaurs, Brachiosaurs, T-rex and many more.  Earlier this year, archeologists discovered at Bi-Water Farm, the remains of dinosaurs along with artifacts from the early cave people. Please help us in our Dinosaur Dig!   Who knows what treasures you will find!   $2.00 with general admission ticketSAVE when you buy one of our ticket combos!

Paintball – Test your skills as a sharpshooter to see how well you can hit the targets. $3.00 with general admission ticket. SAVE when you buy one of our ticket combos!

Pumpkin Cannon – New Activity!!    $5.00 with general admission ticketSAVE when you buy one of our ticket combos!

Miniature Golf – It may not be the Masters Championship, but it sure is fun for the whole family.  Can you make a hole in one? $3.00 with general admission ticketSAVE when you buy one of our ticket combos!

Bonfire – You can spend hours having fun on Bi-Water Farm’s activities.  Then, how about leaning back and warming yourself by an old fashioned bonfire?  The perfect way to lunch at the farm, or end your day at Bi-Water’s My Adventure Farm.  Round-up as many as 30 friends and family and make it a party. Select this link to reserve your Bonfire spot.


Opening day of AutumnFest was a great time to visit Bi-Water Farm! It was my family’s first visit to Georgetown and I’m so glad we made the trip north of Lexington. Being here for 9 years, I’ve always just gone to whatever is closest and assumed that all of the farms were the same. After spending the day at Bi-Water Farm I can say that not all farms are created equally! Bi-Water is not only full of family fun, but it has beautiful scenery to enjoy as well.


The play areas are amazing! I can’t even name them all because there were so many. My school aged kids loved every minute of it. There were sports stations, rolling tubes, zip lines, playground type equipment in multiple locations, a couple of digging areas, and more. There were a few different entertainment areas like singing pumpkins, a haunted house and a pumpkin mine which you could walk through. These were particularly impressive with music, lights, moving parts as we walked through the buildings. All of these things could keep you entertained all day, but if you wanted to add on to the fun, you can purchase extras like the train ride, mini golf and paintball.


Even walking between featured areas, there were little things to keep us entertained; like jokes to lift up and read and a “Ducky Derby”, even some singing pumpkins! But if we were feeling lazy we could hop on the hay ride easily and as often as we wanted. The hay ride is included with admission.


As a family, we tried, and failed, to complete the corn maze. It is really easy to get turned around in there! It’s quite a great challenge and we had a lot of family laughs going in circles! We took the hay ride to get back there – all the way in the back. There was another smaller corn maze for school kids who could take field trips there too. It was such a big farm; we were just so impressed with it all!

The biggest draw of Bi-Water Farm to me was a family feeling that they spread to the customers. I didn’t feel like a customer or consumer, but more like family visiting. From the friendly greeting at the ticket booth, to the food station, to the workers driving by and waving, we felt at home and welcome on the farm. Not once did I feel like I was being pressured into buying anything outside of the admission ticket, or like they were trying to get me in and out through the farm to make room for the next visitor. I was free to explore as long as I wanted, and there was so much space that I could move around easily.

You’ll get thirsty moving around and the apple cider is amazing! It’s a bargain too for the big cups they give you! They have a food stand with lots of great options if you work up an appetite while visiting. There is also a very cute store where you can shop for reasonably priced items to bring home with you to remember your fun day.


Throughout the day, my entire family said that this was the best farm we’ve ever visited. We can’t wait to go back again! Maddy, age 7, said her favorite part was “all of it, but if I have to choose, I’d pick the ziplines.” Lucy, age 5, said her favorite part was “the singing pumpkins because they were so cool, even though I was afraid at first.”  We’ll be back soon! Thanks for the memories!

  • Lex Fun Writer, Erin  (Reviewed September 2016)

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