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  1. Lisa Wayne
    Lisa Wayne at |

    My boys love digging in the dirt at the Children’s garden! That’s the part the send the most time at, but they also love the train, the creek, the fishing, the play house and the gardening!

  2. Jessica
    Jessica at |

    We love the Children’s Garden! My kids’ favorite part is the creek.

  3. Heather Kidd
    Heather Kidd at |

    We love the Children’s Garden. Especially the creek and the train!

  4. Megan Cook Crawford
    Megan Cook Crawford at |

    Can’t wait to visit this season for the first time! My kiddos will love the water features!

  5. Kristi
    Kristi at |

    We love the children’s garden!

  6. Julianne Vantland
    Julianne Vantland at |

    We love the stream! My kids can (and have!) play for hours there, especially on hot steamy days. We would love to win a membership so we can go more often this year!

  7. Sarah
    Sarah at |

    We love everything about the Garden! We always take the kids of out-of-town guests. The creek is, hands down, a fan favorite. You’ll see kids working together to build dams, playing in the waterfall, jumping and splashing, or even just sitting and enjoying the peace of being out in nature. So much better than public pools! (yuck!) It’s always a great day at the Children’s Garden!

  8. Kristin R
    Kristin R at |

    My kids love to watch the trains. There was a man there doing repairs once and he took lots of time to explain what he was doing. It was really neat.

  9. Allison
    Allison at |

    We haven’t been yet but we live nearby, and with four kids, we need to check it out soon. I bet they’ll love it.

  10. Christy Mercado
    Christy Mercado at |

    My family has never been so we are looking forward to exploring this spring!

  11. amy m
    amy m at |

    Playing in the stream is always the favorite

  12. Lauren
    Lauren at |

    Love everything about the children’s garden! My daughter’s favorites are the creek and the cabin

  13. Bridgit
    Bridgit at |

    Location! It’s such a gem only a few miles away.

  14. lesley
    lesley at |

    My kids would LOVE to go more often!

  15. Britanie Myers
    Britanie Myers at |

    The Children’s Garden is basically our favorite place on the planet! My kids spend a lot of time on the boat and in the creek but the also love the little house in the sand over by the boat and the gardens and pretty much everything!

  16. Kare Adams
    Kare Adams at |

    My daughters are 9 & 5, we went for the first time last year–loved it!! What a hidden gem in Lex! 😄

  17. Kim bogart
    Kim bogart at |

    My son loves the train and my daught we loves the boat! Oh and obviously they love the splashpad and the creek!

  18. Heather
    Heather at |

    Our family loves the children’s garden! Can’t wait to play this summer!!

  19. Diane
    Diane at |

    What a great place for kids to explore!

  20. Jeanie Kincer
    Jeanie Kincer at |

    My daughter loves the cabin with the wood blocks and the train.

  21. Emilee
    Emilee at |

    My family loves the Arboretum, but we haven’t been to the Children’s Garden. That is on our summer Must list.

  22. Amanda Ecklar
    Amanda Ecklar at |

    We have never been. But, I think I saw the word creek mentioned. That’s where you would find my son. My daughter would enjoy any of it. We go to the arboretum often but never the children’s garden.

  23. Sarepta
    Sarepta at |

    I keep meaning to try. My kids love the outdoors. A location specific to their age group would be wonderful!

  24. Anastasia
    Anastasia at |

    We love the model trains and the water play areas

  25. Alanna B
    Alanna B at |

    My boys love the story/activity times…As well as the water play area 🙂

  26. Tanesha
    Tanesha at |

    This is a great giveaway!

  27. Kelsey
    Kelsey at |

    My kids love the children’s garden! We could spend hours there. 😊

  28. Geri Zakharia
    Geri Zakharia at |

    We LOVE playing in the creek!

  29. Hannah
    Hannah at |

    We love the stream!

  30. Christine
    Christine at |

    My 3 year old LOVES the creek!!

  31. Kelly
    Kelly at |

    My kids like playing in the stream, and the splash pad!

  32. Nikole M
    Nikole M at |

    It’s so hard to just pick one but I love the water area. So much fun to be had!

  33. Ruth Corman
    Ruth Corman at |

    My children love your creek and fishing boat area! We love The Children’s Garden!

  34. Dana
    Dana at |

    We love the creek!

  35. Sarah
    Sarah at |

    We loved visiting last year and can’t wait to go again!

  36. Traci
    Traci at |

    My son is turning two next week and we would love to take him to the children’s garden all summer!

  37. Mary T
    Mary T at |

    My boys like making a sand and dirt stew near the little cabin in the back corner!

  38. Andrew Safie
    Andrew Safie at |

    We like the stream with the teepee by it.

  39. Darlene Pettibone
    Darlene Pettibone at |

    Our grandbabies all love the stream and the little shed to play in. Have hundreds of photos of them there.

  40. Holly Miller
    Holly Miller at |

    We have been once, my daughter loved everything about it. Her favorite part is the log house.

  41. Judy
    Judy at |

    We love the Children’s Garden. In the heat of summer that creek and the sprayers are the best. We also can’t get enough of the little gardening section with the little self filling buckets of water.

  42. Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson at |

    Playing in the water is definitely our favorite! The children’s garden is so much fun!

  43. Nancy
    Nancy at |

    My boys love the creek (moving rocks) and the boat!

  44. Megan
    Megan at |

    My boys love it here!

  45. Natalie S.
    Natalie S. at |

    Since moving to Kentucky last spring, we’ve enjoyed the learning, activities and water fun that the Children’s Garden provided us! I believe my 2.5 year old would say that the garden and water areas were most enjoyable to her!! We will be back this season!

  46. Kim
    Kim at |

    I would love to take my 3-year-old daughter to the garden! I think she’d be thrilled with all of it, but especially the model train!

  47. Michele Mykytuk
    Michele Mykytuk at |

    My kids would love this!!

  48. Joshua M Moore
    Joshua M Moore at |

    My kids love playing in the stream in the hot summer!

  49. Barbie
    Barbie at |

    My kids love the stream and the train!

  50. cindy vasquez
    cindy vasquez at |

    My kids love the water the plants, splash in the stream, and day craft! we would love to get a membership this year!

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