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  1. Ruth Willoughby
    Ruth Willoughby at |

    BYOBags! And a quarter to rent the cart. I generally go to Aldi then Kroger back to back or one day apart so if I want something that Aldi does not have I can get it at Kroger.

  2. Cora
    Cora at |

    I like that they are now carrying a lot of natural and organic products. If you see something you really like, grab plenty of that item… you may not see it again for a while!

  3. Emily
    Emily at |

    The best gluten free brand I’ve had is at Aldi. Youbcannot go wrong wirh anythig Live G Free and it half the price of other brands. Also their fresh produce is unbelievably priced. Love aldi!

  4. Vickie
    Vickie at |

    I love the German foods they have there. They’re very authentic and delicious, especially the deserts. Also like the vegetable pizza’s they have, although my family is not as pleased with them as I am. Milk and eggs are usually reasonably priced as well. Happy shopping.

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