The University of Kentucky offers a great Junior Wildcat Club for kids 8th grade and under!  My boys enjoyed their first year of membership in 15-16 and we had a blast!  They were in 2nd and 4th grades at the time and they have grown up bleeding blue.  It’s a great way to enjoy your love of BBN but it’s also great for anyone who wants a great way to enjoy sporting events or UK fun as a family!!

JWC Review

The club is just $25!!!  Siblings are only $20.  This is a STEAL!  Your child will get FREE admission into events!!!  Just by attending a few events the membership pays for itself.  The other perks are some freebies that come with your membership kit like a t shirt and pillowcase.  There are fun events throughout the season at UK events to check out as well.

We got our kits in the mail and it’s great to have something to get excited about.  Once schedules start coming out it’s time to plan your fun!  We put events on our calendar so we always had a reminder of things coming up.  We also tried to enjoy new sports we’d never attended before.  When you go to a JWC event you collect a ‘punch’ on your JWC pass.  Once you collect 5, 10, 15 and 20 punches there are special rewards you get.  We got a wristband, free pizza, tour of the Joe Craft center and FREE membership for this coming year since we got to 20.  There are new rewards this year so I’m excited to start attending our first events in the coming months.  Events run from August until May – we started with soccer and volleyball then checked out basketball, gymnastics, swimming and diving, then baseball and softball.

  • Football – Usually one game per year
  • Men’s Basketball – Blue/White Scrimmage 
  • Men’s Soccer – All Matches
  • Women’s Soccer – All Matches
  • Volleyball – All Matches
  • Women’s Basketball – All Games
  • Gymnastics – All Meets
  • Men’s Tennis – All Matches
  • Women’s Tennis – All Matches
  • Swim and Dive – All Meets
  • Track and Field – All Meets
  • Softball – All Games
  • Baseball – All Games

Our highlight was being selected as a Ball Kid for a UK Men’s Basketball game.  I had to pinch myself when I got the email telling me my son had been selected!!  (4th – 6th graders are randomly selected for men’s and women’s games throughout the season)

UKBall Kid

To sign up or get more information CLICK HERE!

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