What does it take to be a princess? Is it bravery? Kindness? A fabulous wardrobe? Or does figuring out your royal stature have a more legume kind of nature? Join LCT for this fun and funky retelling of a Hans Christian Andersen classic as we find out what happens when you put “princess-ness” to the test. They’ll give you a hint – being a princess isn’t about this or that, being YOU is where it’s at!

Saturday, January 25 @ 11:00am (Sensory Friendly)
Saturday, January 25 @ 2:00pm
Saturday, January 25 @ 7:00pm (Pay What You Can)
Sunday, January 26 @ 2:00pm

By Vivian Snipes

SCHOOL MATINEES: Tuesday-Friday, January 28-31, 10:00am & 11:45am

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Best enjoyed by ages 4 and up


Lex Fun 4 Kids writer, Kelly, enjoyed this play and has a great review!  What a fun play! Our family loves how there’s always a twist when it comes to performances at the Lexington Children’s Theater! This retelling of the Princess and the Pea is yet another excellent example of that! We just loved all the GIRL POWER in this play! It’s packed full of positive role models and positive messages that girls and boys of all ages need to hear! Throughout the play, they reference several other fairy tales (it was fun chatting with the adults on the way home about which stories we saw and which ones we might have missed!). Our favorites were the references to The Wild Swans &  12 Dancing Princesses. 

It starts with the untimely and sudden death of the king. Don’t worry, though, while sad, this part of the story is not particularly upsetting. After a period of mourning, the queen declares that it is time to continue with life. This includes a quest for her son “Charming” and his friend “Pei” to find a Princess that passes a series of tests. Off they went traveling through faraway lands, meeting several princesses who quite capably passed all the tests (great vision, courage, and character). However, each princess was already on a quest of her own. When Pei is captured, and Charming returns home alone, it doesn’t look like things will end well. Luckily Pei has some exciting secrets she has yet to reveal! 

It was so great taking my daughter to this performance. As a parent, I loved the message of “not all princesses wear ballgowns,” and my little girl loved the beautiful dresses. This play opened up an opportunity to chat with my girl about bravery and friendship. She had a few questions about the ending, and if you see the play, you’ll understand. This play is just great at reminding girls we can be tough and whatever we want to be! My only regret is that my eight years old son was unable to come to the performance as I think this would have been a great lesson/experience for him as well!

About LCT’s Touring Productions

The Princess and the Peas is one of our touring productions, which means it doesn’t just perform here in Lexington! Our three professional actors travel with this and our production of Long Road to Freedom from February through early May to schools, libraries, and theatres all over the Commonwealth and beyond! As a touring production, this show is also designed to be performed with a smaller cast, so you will notice that the three actors portray a variety of different characters throughout the play.

About your trip to the theatre

Be sure to arrive early to find a place to park – options include metered parking surrounding the theatre and the parking garage on the corner of Broadway and Short Street. LCT unfortunately cannot validate garage parking.

To offset the heat generated by stage lighting, the Main Stage theatre can get pretty cold. It’s a good idea to bring a sweater with you!

It’s also a good idea to bring some cash. You might need to pay for parking, and we will have books and LCT merchandise for sale in the lobby if you want to buy something before or after the show. If you forget your cash, though, no worries! Both the Box Office and the retail store accept credit and debit cards (excluding American Express).

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