At LaRosa’s they believe every student deserves to be recognized for his or her hard work in the classroom. That’s why nearly 30 years ago they created PizzAchievement for K-8 educators. Since then, they’ve supported the classroom rewards programs of thousands of teachers, principals, and home school providers.

How The Program Works

• Only Kindergarten through 8th grade teachers, principals and home school providers are eligible.

• Once a year, complete the requested information on their website to order your PizzAchievement certificates, good for one small 1-topping pizza or one 1-filling calzone.

• Certificates can be used for dine in, pick up and delivery, Monday through Friday between 4pm and 9pm, or anytime on weekends.

• Certificates are meant for individual students to celebrate their success with their families. Please use them in that spirit and not for class parties, school functions or other unintended uses. It will allow us to continue offering PizzAchievement for years to come.

• If you are hosting a party, please call us at 513-347-1111 or 888.LAROSAS (free call!) for more information about special pizza pricing for schools. Educators also have the option to choose pencils as rewards instead of certificates.

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