Summer is a great time to cool off with a frozen treat but they are yummy year round!   Check out this list of great places for ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt, gelato and more!  If you have a favorite flavor at one of these spots or another place to share be sure to comment below and let us know!

1.  Crank & Boom
1210 Manchester Street, Lexington

Crank & Boom started as part of Thai Orchid Cafe, then they started selling scoops at Thursday Night Live and now has it’s own special spot!  It’s in the cool new distillery district off Manchester Street.  The C & B Ice Cream Lounge has a cool rustic feel inside and plenty of outdoor seating.  They are set to open a second location in Stonewall Shopping Center soon!  They have amazing flavor combinations like Blackberry & Buttermilk and Bourbon & Honey.  You can also find their ice cream for sale in local shops.

2.  Sorella Gelateria
219 N. Limestone, Lexington

Gelato is a traditional Italian dessert made with more milk than cream (unlike ice cream) so it’s much smoother and softer than ice cream. Sorella Gelateria opened in 2016 and my husband and I stopped by recently to check it out.  We loved our scoops of bourbon and chocolate together!  Flavors change frequently so there’s always something new to try.

3.  Graeter’s
Chevy Chase 836 Euclid Avenue, Lexington
Hamburg 1925 Justice Drive, Lexington

Based out of Cincinnati, Graeter’s had been a Lexington favorite for many years before disappearing for a bit.  They’re back in new locations with the same yummy ice cream we remember.  They feature lots of cool flavors like Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel but they also have delicious sorbets like Raspberry and Lemon.  Check in seasonally and enjoy new flavors on the menu.

4.  Sav’s Chill
630 E Main, Lexington

Mamadou “Sav” Savane opened Sav’s Grill near UK’s campus and downtown then had the chance to open a specialty ice cream shop just across the street a few years later.  They have since moved locations to a new building on East Main and have combined to offer their unique food as well as ice cream in one location.  Featuring unique flavors like Bourbon Ball and Kentucky Coffee it’s a delicious way to cool off.

5. Freshie’s
3851 Kenesaw Drive, Lexington

One of the newest spots for cool treats Freshie’s offers premium ice cream and a retro soda fountain. Enjoy fresh made floats, malts, shakes, hand scooped ice cream, special sundaes and LOTS of great vegan options! Dine inside, outside, or drive thru!

6. Cattywampus Station (Lexington Green)/Sweet Matriarch Bakery (Georgetown)

Sweet Matriarch opened in Georgetown in 2013 and Cattywampus Station opened at Lexington Green in 2021.  The milkshakes here are crazy so come hungry or bring a friend!  From cotton candy and cupcakes to brownies and candy the toppings pouring out of these shakes are amazing!  Each is served in a mason jar and crafted with high quality ingredients.

Shakes are around $14 each so sharing is a great idea.  They have seasonal flavors as well as standards.  Enjoy time lakeside at Lexington Green while you sip a cool shake!

6.  Steel City Pops & Shake Shack in The Summit

Steel City Pops is a unique concept new to Lexington.  It’s POPSICLES!  They feature fruity flavors like Passionfruit and Sweet Tea as well as creamy pops like Chocolate and Strawberry Cream.  Flavors change seasonally so there’s always something different.  We stopped in and enjoyed a Strawberry Lemonade and Root Beer.  Pops are around $4 each and you can get extras like chocolate drizzle, a dip in chocolate, a dredge in nuts, and more.  There is a great spot just outside to sit and hang out and enjoy your pops!  Check out the full Lex Fun 4 Kids Review HERE!

Shake Shack features burgers, hot dogs, custard, concretes, and of course shakes! They have cool flavor combinations as well as special daily features.  We headed out to check it out one night and loved our brownie batter shake.

The atmosphere at The Summit is part of the fun of enjoying a treat there.  They have a fun play area for kids (there’s sand so it can be messy), there are cornhole games by Shake Shack, a fountain, as well as lots of places to just walk around and window shop while you enjoy your popsicles or shakes!

Check out the Lex Fun 4 Kids Review of the Play Area at The Summit.

7. Baskin Robbins
Lansdowne Shoppes, Lexington
115 N Locust Hill Dr, Lexington
3061 Fieldstone Way, Lexington

You can’t go wrong with a classic.  I still remember walking to Baskin Robbins in Lansdowne shops in the late 70’s with my grandparents and sitting in that row of pink chairs enjoying Bubble Gum ice cream.  My favorite now is their Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate and my son is now hooked on one of my childhood favorites, the clown cone.

8.  Cold Stone Creamery
2337 Sir Barton Way, Suite 110, Lexington
3801 Mall Road Suite #110, Lexington

With two locations in Lexington, Cold Stone is serving up ice cream mixed with all sorts of yumminess.  You choose your ice cream flavor then your mix ins.  They will fold all those into your ice cream on a frozen granite stone.  It’s fun to watch and I’m sure kids would enjoy the fun of choosing their own combinations.

9.  Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt 

If you’re in the mood for fro-yo or you love to grab all those yummy toppings check out a local Orange Leaf.

Orange Leaf one location in Lexington on Tiverton Way.  They have locations in Danville and Richmond as well.  You grab a bowl and fill to your heart’s content because they recently threw out the scales and went to a price per bowl system.  They also feature seasonal flavors so you can follow them on Facebook and watch for new ones you may want to try.

10.  Check out a nation wide spot like Culver’s or Freddy’s for Frozen Custard or Bruster’s for Ice Cream

Maybe you enjoy a favorite treat from your home town or while on vacation and now you can enjoy it here!  There are some chain spots that offer cool treats that are popping up all around Central KY.  Culver’s has locations in Lexington, Richmond, Georgetown and Nicholasville.  Freddy’s just opened in front of Costco in Hamburg and Bruster’s has ice cream shops in Nicholaville, Georgetown and now Lexington.

11. Loco Ice 
Hamburg Pavillion right beside Best Buy
Stonewall Shopping Center

If you’ve had shaved ice before but haven’t tried Loco Ice then you’re missing out!!  Loco Ice is totally different.  Their shave ice is “Authentic Hawaiian Style” and they use natural flavors.  Try one of their flavor combinations or make your own.  They are only open during the summer so be sure to check it out while you can.  Check out the Lex Fun 4 Kids Review HERE!

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