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  1. April
    April at |

    Some of my favorite things on the menu were the catfish, greens, and banana pudding (and I’m usually not huge on banana pudding). So good! We need them to add a kids night so you can add them to the Kids Eat Free page😉

  2. Jamie
    Jamie at |

    So glad your fam and yourself were digging the spot! Just wanted to add, don’t let the huge bar scare all you families with kiddies away! I’ve been known to make a pretty mean Shirley Temple, although I hear Chris G. makes the best and can also swing a Cherry Lemonade or Cherry Coke on a whim. Pass it on that you can also order drinks (alcoholic or non) AND food thru your awesome bartenders, regardless if you plan on sitting at the bar or not. It’s a fresh, unique concept so I hope this post finds anyone’s confusion cleared up. Come say hi and mention you saw this comment 😎😊

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