Join Lexington Children’s Theatre for this unique adaptation of Madeline L’Engle’s epic novel that takes us across time and space on a journey to discover that even in the vastest and darkest of universes, love will always conquer all.

Meg Murray feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is constantly caught between getting in trouble at school, looking after her brilliant but odd brother Charles Wallace, and dealing with her father’s disappearance. But when three cosmic beings enter her atmosphere, Meg, along with Charles Wallace and their new friend Calvin, must “tesser” across the galaxy on a quest to find her father and save Earth from an evil darkness that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear.  

Best enjoyed by: ages eight and up

By James Sie
Adapted from the novel by Madeleine L’Engle

Family Streaming Passes:  Stream video from LCT’s recent production of the show right from the comfort of your own home! The streaming pass purchase gives viewers access to each episode, to be released every Friday at 5:00 pm starting the first weekend in November. You do not need to purchase a pass for each episode. Virtual audience members will have access to all available episodes every weekend in the month of November, and those passwords are sent with the confirmation email. You are welcome to share the link and passwords with other people, but we ask that you purchase a streaming pass at the cost equivalent to the number of folks who will be using the pass!

Streaming passes are available for $15.00, $25.00, $50.00, and $75.00. We ask that you please consider how many people will be watching the stream when you select your pass amount! Buy your streaming pass HERE!

Virtual Performance Review!

This year has been filled with businesses, restaurants, and families working to find workarounds in this new normal. As we all know, it can and has been a challenge, but  Lexington Children’s Theatre really rose to the occasion. Plays take a lot of effort in the best of times but to produce one that follows social distancing regulations both for the actors and the audience must have been a lot of work! The beauty of this new format is you can watch the play at your convenience on your favorite couch and in your jammies (which is what we did!)

When setting up, we did experience some technical issues (we wanted to watch the show on our TV and not crowded around a laptop). So I suggest testing how you plan to watch it BEFORE you have your kids loaded with popcorn and excited about the experience. For us, it worked best to pull the play up on our laptop and using our Chromecast to “cast” to the TV. We don’t usually go over the story ahead of time with the kids but felt it might not hurt this time. Our kids (aged 6 & 8) initially struggled following the storyline and found it helpful when we reminded them what we’d gone over beforehand. Once they became familiar with the characters and the format, we were all able to sit back and enjoy the show!

Another great feature is that this has been broken into three episodes! Rather than experience the fun all in one night, we spread it out! The last episode is being released at 5:00 PM today (Friday, November 20, 2020) so we’re looking forward to watching the finale! Be sure to get your pass as you not only support a local legend (Lexington Children’s Theatre); it’s also a nice escape and a great way to spend a portion of all this time we have at home right now. We loved seeing Meg (Aslyn Goodwin) and Charles Murray (Carter Stiff) as well as Rylie Sudduth (Mrs. Whatsit), Catherine Gaffney (Mrs. Which) and Jonathan Harper (Red Eyes) “on stage”. My kids loved how the actors worked to appear connected as they “handed” each other items (seeing a cup go from one actor to another who were not in the same room impressed both of our kiddos, ha!)

Please check this play out and keep coming back to support all your favorite places! We miss seeing the plays live and in person but are excited to have found a way to still experience the magic that happens through the Lexington Children’s Theatre.  We can’t wait to see tonight’s episode!

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