MadelineThe little girls are in two straight lines and ready to bring Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline stories to life!   The classic story of Madeline as well as others in the series are combined in this wonderful performance at the Lexington Children’s Theatre.

The play is set in Paris and we meet the author and illustrator of the books, Ludwig Bemelmans, played by Walter Tunis.  I loved this perspective and learning more about how he imagined the story and brought Madeline to life.  Having Ludwig tell his story of Madeline throughout the play was a great way to help teach the audience about how stories are created.  Seeing that experiences in their own lives can turn into stories and plays can help students to become the authors, illustrators and playwrights of tomorrow.  Having a discussion after the show about how Ludwig created Madeline and asking what kind of character your child could create can help extend the play and enhance the experience.

I loved the stories of Madeline as a child and I have introduced them to my sons.  We enjoyed comparing what we knew from the books to the show.  Reading them before or after the play is a perfect way to practice comparing and contrasting skills in a fun way.  There are also lots of ideas in the LCT program for extending the performance as well as a list of other books children may enjoy.

After Mr. Bemelmans’ introduction of Madeline the action doesn’t stop.  Twelve little girls, Miss Clavel, animals, Parisians, and some very entertaining Cucufaces keep the audience engaged throughout.  We smile at the good the children do and frown at the bad as the Paris police chase a thief up and down the aisles of the theatre.  Enjoy hearing a few new French words, watching a street mime, and laughing at the Spanish Ambassador and his family.  The costumes reflect the times and it’s fun to see all the matching dresses and hats parading across the stage in their lines.  The dog is a fun addition to the house as well as some very unique puppets!  I’d love to be able to craft some puppets like the master prop designers at LCT.

The play is great for ages 3 and up and children will enjoy seeing other child actors in the play.  You may even recognize a few familiar faces from other LCT productions or from a local school.  Be sure to stop by the lobby after the play to speak to the actors, get an autograph for your program, and take a few photos.

For more information on the play and to purchase tickets click here.

Purchasing a ticket package for 3, 5 or 8 shows is a great way to save money.  You can choose any shows you’d like throughout the season.  Upcoming shows include Old Drye Fry, Junie B. Jones Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Where the Red Fern Grows, Duck for President, and MORE!






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