Join LCT on a topsy-turvy adventure! Follow the fearless Alice as she learns about growing up while still staying true to herself amid a wacky, upside-down world. This classic adaption of Lewis Carroll’s We can’t wait for you to follow us down the rabbit hole in LCT’s Discovery Production of Alice in Wonderland! 

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Weekend of May 7
Weekend of May 14

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Stream video from LCT’s recent production of the show right from the comfort of your own home! Your access codes will be sent via your email confirmation and will be valid over the weekend of your choice – from 5:00pm EST on the Friday to 5:00pm EST on the Sunday. 


Lex Fun 4 Kids writer, Candice, enjoyed the live show with her family at Moondance Amphitheatre and this is the show you will get to enjoy from the comforts of home!

As a child, I had Alice in Wonderland on tape (that’s right, young friends, ask your adults about this audio artifact) and I would listen to it to fall asleep. I cannot begin to describe the joy I felt reciting the script in The Lexington Children’s Theater’s performance of Alice in Wonderland. It follows closely with the original verse while offering a charming modern day message at the end. 

On the way to Moondance, my seven year old daughter, familiar with the story, asked how the Cheshire Cat would be depicted. We discussed the difficulties of portraying magic on stage and I mentioned that some adaptations simply do away with the character to avoid complications. LCT met the challenge with a delightful set of eyes with an accommodating smile that allowed the actors to move independently of one another to where only the smile remained on stage. Brilliant! 

My four year old son was obsessed with a rabbit with a waistcoat pocket and a watch to take out of it. “How can a rabbit talk?” he mused. He was completely engrossed in the story and did not see the actors as separate from their stellar performances. 

The props were exuberant, yet simple, leaving the audience to use our own imaginations to escape to Wonderland; and escape we did and escape is what we needed. How odd to feel the normalcy of an outdoor performance coupled with the perfect metaphor of our past year. We have all entered a world of absurdity that has been turned upside down and we have struggled to make sense of our surroundings. But, as we are encouraged in the end of the play, we should tell our silly stories and write them down. Like Alice, we all have an amazing story to tell. 

About the Show!

Alice in Wonderland is one of our Discovery Shows for this season, which means it is a show about young people, performed by young people. As LCT transitioned into a fully professional theatre, we began our Discovery Series in 1995 as a way to continue providing challenging performance opportunities for our young actors, encourage and mentor students in the many areas of technical theatre, and keep runs of our shows shorter so students would not have to miss as many days of school. Discovery Shows are always open for Lexington community members – children and grown-ups alike – to audition to be part of the cast or technical crew. So, you might see a few people you recognize on stage or behind the scenes! 

About Alice in Wonderland

Our production of Alice in Wonderland is based closely on the book by Lewis Carroll (the pen name of mathematician Charles Dodgson)which itself is based on a story Mr. Dodgson made up for his friends the Liddell Family, including the titular Alice Liddell. Like the original book, our production uses lots of wordplay and conversation to tell the story, but there’s also enough action to keep the youngest audience members engaged as well.  

Our youngest audience members might find the Queen of Hearts a little bit scary, but while she does like to say “off with their heads” a lot, nothing actually comes from her threatening. At one point the Knave of Hearts is dragged offstage to be “executed” but nothing happens and we see the Knave alive and well one scene later so we know everything’s okay. 

This play is a great way to spark conversations about how imagination, stories, and play can help us cope with change and bring us joyAs Mr. Dodgson says, “One should never grow too old to play, and his cheerful playfulness permeates the rest of the story he tells to the Liddell sisters. In a lot of ways, this story also seems to be a perfect metaphor for the last year of our lives. When she falls into Wonderland, Alice’s world is turned upside-down, inside-out, and every which way. Everything has changed and she doesn’t know what the rules are or where to go next in this new mixed-up world… sound familiar? But she still manages to find moments of fun and play amidst the confusion that ultimately make her visit to Wonderland a joyful experience. 

We love this story because it is just a whole lot of fun! Alice in Wonderland celebrates absurdity and teaches us that you’re never too old to be playful and tell silly stories. It’s a classic story with iconic characters that we still remember and talk about over a hundred and fifty years later. We can’t wait to share it with you and your family! 

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