Wizard of Oz

The 14th Annual Summer Family Musical

July 16 – July 26

Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum
with Music and Lyrics of the MGM motion picture score
by Harld Arlen and E. Y. Harbug
Background Music by
Herbert Stothart
Book adaption by
John Kane
from the motion picture screenplay

Recommended for ALL AGES

Follow the road made of yellow bricks,
With talking scarecrows and lions – your eyes aren’t playing tricks!
Over the rainbow Dorothy will fly,
But beware when the Wicked Witch takes to the sky.
To the Emerald City these famous friends will roam;
Together they discover there’s no place like home.


From Munchkins to monkeys the LCT Summer Family Musical brings all your Oz favorites to the stage for all ages to enjoy!  Our family enjoyed a recent performance of Oz and had a great time!

If you have seen the movie the play follows very much like the familiar favorite but if it’s all new it’s still a great way to introduce this classic story.  The beloved characters of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion are brought to life by great local talent!  Toto steals the show quite a few times as well!  It’s wonderful to see local educators, students, and families take the stage!

There is a live orchestra hidden behind the backdrops and they did a wonderful job of including so many of the classic favorites from the movie.  I caught my kids singing “Because, because, because, because, because!!!” the day after the performance.

Remember, it’s a summer family musical so music is shared throughout the show by all the actors.  It keeps even younger audience members engaged as the over 30 actors sing and dance their way through the story.

There are so many scenes and characters through the play.  You’ll see some characters playing various parts throughout.  My kids had fun spotting crows playing guards later in the show and munchkins turned into monkeys.  The costumes are colorful and unique and do a great job of making trees, monkeys and the famous foursome come alive!

As you meet the farm hands, Ms. Gulch, and Professor Marvel you get a peek into the story that unfolds once the storm passes.  Be ready for some thunder, lightning and the wind in your face as you are caught in the twister with Dorothy and Toto.  If you have little ones that are a bit frightened by storms be sure to share with them before the show that’s it’s all pretend and were using our imagination.  I loved the creative way they performed the twister.  You could even create your own at home!

Dorothy drops into Munchkinland and the youngest actors take the stage!  They tap, flip, and spin their way through the happiness of being free from the witch’s spell!  There are some very talented munchkins at LCT!

When the witch arrives she cackles her way through the aisles so always be watching!  Many of the characters will head up and down the aisles and it’s a fun way of keeping kids engaged as they watch all around them for the action.  She totally has the witch’s cackle down!

As Dorothy begins her journey and meets her three new friends be watching for other guests that offer some great laughs!  We loved the crows, trees, and Emerald City’s gate keeper.  They all kept the audience cracking up throughout the show!

Dorothy and her friends are granted their wishes by the “great and powerful Oz” and Dorothy makes her way back home.  When Dorothy wakes up after her adventure she is greeted by those familiar faces.

There is an intermission because this is a longer show.  It runs about 2 hours so be prepared if you have wiggly ones.  I have been taking my kids to shows at LCT since they were about 2 1/2.  They always do great because the shows keep them engaged and attentive.  If you attend a 7 pm show be aware it is longer and you may end up with a sleepy kiddo.

The theatre does a great way of putting a fun new twist on some of the familiar parts of the show.  The ruby slippers, fire, and a floating balloon all make for great ways to compare and contrast the movie and play with your kids.

Thursday, July 16 – 7:30
Friday, July 17 – 7:30
Saturday, July 18 – 2:00
Sunday, July 19 – 2:00

Friday, July 24– 7:30
Saturday, July 25– 2:00 & 7:30
Sunday, July 26– 2:00
$20 – adults
$18 – youth under 18

Get tickets HERE


Follow the Yellow Brick Road Breakfast
Saturday, July 18th from 8:30am to 10:00am at the Bronte Bistro
Join us over the rainbow with Dorothy, Toto, and the rest of your favorite fantastical characters from Lexington Children’s Theatre’s production of The Wizard of Oz for a magical meal like no other! We’ll create a craft or two, take our photo with Dorothy, and even enjoy pleasant pancakes from the Bistro!
Tickets: $18
Click HERE for tickets


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