The Lexington Children’s Theatre Presents

February 22 – March 13

Based on the book The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

Play originally produced by the National Theatre of Great Britain

Adapted and originally directed by Katie Mitchell

Recommended for 5 yrs+ / Pre-K Grade+

If all you want to do is sit, sit, sit –

Let me tell you my friend, that’s just not it!

There are messes to make and worlds to explore,

All you need to do is answer the door!

There you’ll find a friend who loves fun, fun, fun –

It’s the Cat in the Hat, the one and only one!

The Cat in the Hat has come to the Lexington Children’s Theatre! This action filled performance is great for younger audiences as well as anyone who has a love for all things Seuss. Upcoming performances are Saturday, February 28th at 11 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm and Sunday, March 1st at 2 pm. The Saturday 7 pm performance is Pay What You Can Night.


My boys and I attended the show this weekend and enjoyed seeing a classic story brought to life by the animated cast of characters. From start to finish the actors keep the audience laughing with their energy, silly tricks and funny faces. I started taking my kids to LCT performances when they were 2 and this is a great show for toddlers and preschoolers.

Before you go take time to reread the story or pick up a copy for the first time and introduce your little ones to a character loved by so many for decades. Previewing the story before you go is a great way to prepare little ones for a theatre performance.

When you arrive at the theatre there is a table with crayons and pictures to color to get you ready for the show. Stop by and spend some time enjoying some hands on fun instead of heading in to take your seats too early. Little ones will be in their seats for around 50 minutes for the performance so if you spend a little time exploring the lobby you can cut down on the wiggly wait time in your seat.

The opening of the show features all the characters in lively activities across the stage and up the aisles. Playing with hoops, balls, scooters, juggling and more. This high energy show takes off right from the start. The characters are so happy laughing and playing but the rain and thunder soon comes and brings Sally and her brother back inside. Little ones may get a little scared by the thunder so remind them before they go that it’s a show and that it’s all pretend.

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.” The story begins with a narrator reading the memorable lines from the book with the characters chiming in during their parts. From bubbles to slow motion fun the play takes you from the sad rainy start of the day, through the craziness of the Cat in the Hat’s tricks and Thing 1 and Thing 2’s chaos and mess to the clean up machine the Cat brings in. The fish comes to life in his bowl and teapot through the experienced hands of LCT veteran and Lexington native Adam Luckey. All the actors do a great job with telling the story through actions and expressions. The many laughs and giggles I heard told me the little audience members were having a great time!

Throughout the play the actors use more action, sounds and expressions to present the story than dialogue. This keeps little ones engaged and wide-eyed as they see the story progress. They will love all the boings, plops, thumps and crashes that help create the silliness the Cat brings to the show. Another great part of the production is the set and the awesome props! The book jumps off the pages and right to the stage with the creative skills of the designers.

After the show be sure to stop by the lobby and enjoy a special meet and greet with the characters. It’s always fun to get autographs and take pictures with the actors in costume.

Back at home take time to reread the story and talk about how things were different or the same. Discuss how the actors made the story come alive and even try some of the actions at home! There were lots of great ways they used their imagination to represent play. Try catching a ball the way the Cat in the Hat did! Grab some household items and make a band like the characters. Try using new genres of music in order to introduce a variety of sounds to your children. Putumayo Kids offers great world music on their collections and the Lexington Public Library has many available to check out.

For more information on Pay What You Can Night or for tickets go to


Sunday, February 22 – 2:00

Sunday, February 22 – 4:30

Saturday, February 28 – 11:00

Saturday, February 28 – 2:00

Saturday, February 28 – 7:00 *Pay What You Can Night

Sunday, March 1 – 2:00


$18 – adults

$15 – youth under 18

$10 – $12 – SUBSCRIBERS

Get a discount on your ticket and help a pet in need!LCT is proud to announce a special partnership with the Lexington Humane Society (LHS)! Bring in an item to donate from the LHS wish list and receive $5 off one ticket to any of the Saturday, February 28th performances. Donations accepted in the Box Office during regular business hours or one hour before each performance.

A Note About Weather…
We plan to move forward with our Sunday (2/22) performances of Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat as scheduled. If you have tickets to either performance on Sunday and are not comfortable with traveling you are more than welcome to call the Box Office at 859.254.4546 x 247 to switch your tickets to another available performance if you so choose. Please visit LCT’s Facebook page for all up to date weather info. Thank you! 



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