Enjoy a birthday party like no other!  Launch, shoot, fling, and fly with Newton’s Attic!


Recommended ages: Our youngest party has been for a 5 year old and oldest for a 52 year old. We do not recommend a Newton’s Attic party for under 5. They are ideal for 8 to 14 year olds, and the several adult parties we’ve hosted have been enthusiastically received. We have also successfully hosted company parties with rave reviews.

Time and Date Options: We do not publish a calendar but will ask you your top three time and date preferences on the birthday party form. We offer parties any day of the week and weekend including evenings and Sundays.

Package and timing: The Standard, Deluxe and Premium packages allow for 2, 2.5 and 3 hours respectively. Each package includes two activities, but more time is allowed to accommodate more children. Please see the flyer for details. We do not charge for adults or babies and toddlers who will not be participating in the activities. You may come a half hour early to decorate and set up hospitality, and this will not count toward your package time.

Bad weather: If your top activity choices are outdoors (G-Force, Tennis Ball Cannon and Rockets to some degree), we will keep an eye on the weather and contact you a few days out to discuss alternatives. We are happy to do outdoor activities in the cold or even a light rain if you are game, but we can also plan indoor alternatives if you prefer.

Payments and deposits: We do not require a deposit or payment in advance. However, once we confirm the party time and date by phone or email, we ask that you please contact us with as much notice as possible if your plans change for any reason. Payments by cash, check or credit card can be made on site the day of the party.

Food: You may bring and serve any food and beverages (including adult beverages for your adult guests) for your family and guests. We do have a refrigerator, freezer, toaster oven, microwave and coffee maker, but you will need to supply all necessary serving items. For something simple and inexpensive, Papa John’s Pizza in Palomar (859-223-9500) delivers to Newton’s Attic and offers our guests the school price of $6.00 for a large, single topping pizza. This price does not include a one-time $3.50 delivery fee or the tip for the driver. We recommend you contact them the day prior to place the order and let them know what time you would like them to deliver. If you have our office number handy (859-368-7334}, it will allow them to pull up our address and discount.

Room information: The party room includes a refrigerator, freezer, microwave and toaster oven for your use. There are three restaurant style booths comfortably seating four children each. There are also three large couches, a love seat and a large coffee table as well as fuse ball, ping pong and air hockey tables. The children will easily entertain themselves while waiting for you to set up and for all the guests to arrive so the activities can begin. Larger parties typically use the ping pong table as a serving table (see pictures). We recommend three (not two) of the brightly colored plastic table coverings that can be purchased inexpensively at any party store. Pictures: For your convenience, please see the photos of the birthday party room both decorated and undecorated. We leave some decorations from previous parties, so if you prefer not to decorate, there will already be birthday party banners. You are welcome to decorate as much or as little as you like, and we can remove any previous decorations if you prefer.

Activities and Picking the Right Package:  G-Force is our single most popular birthday party activity. This activity is recommended for ages 5 to 85 (seriously!). Younger children may be too small to ride alone, but they may ride on the lap of an adult or larger child.

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