Enjoy bringing farm fresh food to your table with the Lexington Farmers Market!  There are many great locations and times to shop.  It’s a great trip for the whole family – here’s my family’s tips for a great visit to the market!

1.  Bring a reusable bag!  Have your kids carry the things they purchase by bringing a cinch sak backpack or small bag as well.  I sometimes pack a cooler if I plan to purchase cheese or other items that need to stay cold.

2.  Be sure to let your kids shop!  Give them a few bucks and have them explore the market.  It teaches them patience to wait and look over everything and math skills if you let them add up items, count coins or dollars and figure up change.  Plus they may walk away with a new taste to enjoy!

There is a NEW cool program called the POP Club!  The Power of Produce (POP) Club provides a fun opportunity for children to engage in the local food system through conversations with farmers, educational games and demonstrations, and exposure to new fruits and vegetables. In addition to participating in educational activities, POP Club participants receive vouchers to spend on local produce, allowing them to make their own shopping decisions at the market.  This is available on Saturdays and Sundays.   Past activities have included tastings of a number of local produce varieties, making thank you notes for local farmers, and art projects using local produce.

3.  Enjoy the freebies!  Many vendors will let you sample their items and be sure to stop by any other special visiting vendors as well.  We got some seed packs from the county extension table during our visit.  There’s also free musical entertainment to enjoy as well.


4. Make a list.  You may have a new recipe you want to try – allow your kids to pick something to make and then create a list to grab ingredients for.  Have them keep track of what you have so they can practice their reading in a practical real world way!

5.  If you have little ones some wipes or extra napkins are helpful.  We always got our kids fresh apples to enjoy during their ride in the stroller through the market.  Extra wipes kept their hands clean and also cleaned up the sticky after their apple – or a honey stick!

6.  That honey stick!  It’s not a trip to the market for our family without a stop by the honey stick stand.  There are usually a few honey vendors and we love trying all the yummy honey flavors.


7.  Visit at different times of year!  There is always a great variety but it’s fun to see what is growing and taste farm fresh during each season.  Stop by the market in early spring for greens, flowers, and plants you can take home to grow at home.  In summer, enjoy all the fresh veggies and fruits that make Kentucky delicious!  The fall harvest brings squash varieties, pumpkins, and more.  Even in winter you can enjoy supporting local vendors that sell breads, cheese, and more.

8.  Stop by various locations!  We love the downtown location and we always enjoy a tour of the downtown fountains while we’re there but stopping by the Maxwell/Broadway location on Tuesday and Thursday, Southland Drive on Sunday, or Gardenside on Wednesday means a new experience.

Open Year-Round
8AM-2PM (April-October)
8AM-1PM (November-March)

(April 11-October)

7AM-4PM (Mid May-Mid November)
Market May end earlier than 4 PM in the Fall

Coming June 2

9.  Meet and greet!  Join in the fun families are having by stopping to listen to a musician.  Talk to the farmers and ask questions.  Let your kids think about things they want to know before you hit the market then have them find a farmer to talk with.  You can learn more about how your food grows, where it comes from, and how much work a farmer does to bring it to your table.

10.  Shop all around the market!  Be sure to visit a variety of vendors to get a true taste of what the market has to offer.


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