The Lexington Children’s Theatre has been delighting audiences since 1938 and is ready to welcome families back into the theatre for the 2021-2022 season!

There is a great variety of shows planned for the season (note the Pay What You Will and Sensory Friendly Shows) as well as the return of the Celebrity Curtain Call and Summer Family Musical in 2022!

Tickets can be purchased for single shows during the season or you can subscribe early with a family membership.  

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Family Weekend Performance Info 

Saturday, October 2 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, October 3 – 2:00pm
*Pay What You Will 

Lucas loves his sushi lunch that his mom packs him every day for school. What he doesn’t love is his classmates’ constant questions about how “weird” it is. So now he’s faced with a difficult choice: bring sandwiches from now on to avoid attention, or eat what he wants and get stares and questions. With help from a magical cat guardian and an ancestor from the spirit world, Lucas learns to embrace his family history and proves to everyone that to be brave is to be yourself. Mixing the Japanese word for soy sauce and the elementary school “show and tell” activity, Shoyu Tell is an LCT World Premiere all about good food, best friends, and celebrating the differences that make you YOU. 

By Sam Hamashima 

Best enjoyed by ages 5 and up 
Performed at Lexington Children’s Theatre  
Length of Show: Approximately 1 hour 
Funded by: The National Endowment for the Arts   

Family Weekend Performance Info 

Saturday, October 23 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, October 24 – 2:00pm & 6:00pm
Saturday, October 30 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm
*Pay What You Will

Have you ever been curious? So curious you decide to leave your very familiar home for a very unfamiliar new world? The Little Mermaid, an ordinary mermaid with an extra ordinary sense of adventure, wants to visit “the world above.” To do so she must confront the sea witch, drink a potion, lose her tail and her voice, and then convince the prince of her dreams to marry her. Comical comrades Flotsam and Jetsam creatively recount this beloved story of a Little Mermaid who discovers why a life full of BIG adventure is often full of even BIGGER choices. 

Story by Hans Christian Andersen
Adapted by Mike Kenny 

Best enjoyed by ages 5 and up 
Location: The LCT Main Stage and On Tour 
Length of Show: Approximately 1 hour long 

Family Weekend Performance Info 

Saturday, November 27 – 2:00pm
Saturday, December 4 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, December 5 – 2:00pm
*Pay What You Will

It’s me, Junie B. Jones and wowie, wow, wow have I got a story for you! It’s time for the holiday sing-a-long and normally I would be really excited but blabbermouth May is trying to ruin it all by tattling on me again. You know what’s worse; I pulled you-know-who as my secret Santa! But, wait – this could be the perfect opportunity to give my arch nemesis exactly what she deserves. I just hope Santa doesn’t find out! 

A Play by Allison Gregory
Adapted from the book series by Barbara Park 

Best enjoyed by ages 5 and up 
Location: The Lexington Opera House (401 W Short St, Lexington, KY 40507) 
Length of Show: Approximately 1 hour long 

Discovery Auditions for Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! will take place September 16-19, 2021 and are open to anyone ages 9 – Adult! Learn more on our Auditions page

Sponsored by: Ball Homes  

Family Weekend Performance Info 

Saturday, December 11 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, December 12 – 2:00pm & 6:00pm
Saturday, December 18 – 11:00am^ & 2:00pm
*Pay What You Will 
^Sensory Friendly Performance

In Narnia, land of eternal winter, the White Witch holds power over all – any who dare dissent are turned instantly to stone. But one day, a little girl named Lucy enters this magical land through an enchanted wardrobe and signals a great change to come. Go through the wardrobe with Peter and Lucy in this two-actor adaptation of the classic tale of triumph of good over evil. 

From the story by C.S. Lewis
Dramatized by le Clanché du Rand 

Best enjoyed by ages 7 and up 
Location: The LCT Main Stage and On Tour
Length of Show: Approximately 1 hour long 
Sponsored by:  Morgan Stanley 

Family Weekend Performance Info 

Saturday, January 29 – 2:00pm^
Sunday, January 30 – 2:00pm 
Saturday, February 5 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, February 6 – 2:00pm
*Pay What You Will 
^Sensory Friendly

“Thank you for gathering, children – now listen well. My name is Chinouyazue, and I have a story for you. My story comes from a long time ago, in a certain place in Africa – yet things there are not so different from today, as you shall soon see.” 

The king is searching for the most “worthy and beautiful” daughters in the land to select his bride, but in this Zimbabwean tale of generosity, kindness, and selflessness, Mufaro’s daughters Manyara and Nyasha learn that true beauty comes from within. 

Based on the book by John Steptoe
Adapted with permission of the Steptoe Estate
By Karen Abbott 

Best enjoyed by ages 5 and up 
Location: The LCT Main Stage and On Tour 
Length of Show: Approximately 1 hour long 

Family Weekend Performance Info 

Sunday, March 13 – 2:00pm
Saturday, March 19 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, March 20 – 2:00pm
Saturday, Marc 26 – 2:00pm
*Pay What You Will

Bilbo Baggins is quite happy with his comfortable life in his cozy Hobbit hole, thank you very much. He doesn’t want to go on adventures, or recover buried treasure. And he absolutely, certainly never wants to come face-to-face with a dragon. But when Gandalf the wizard knocks on Bilbo’s door, bringing with him Thorin Oakenshield, eleven ragged-looking dwarves, and a contract for a quest to recover the lost treasure of Lonely Mountain, Bilbo finds himself reluctantly swept along on a wild adventure filled with all the magic, danger, and mystery of Middle Earth. 

Join LCT for this Discovery production of Tolkien’s beloved story! With humor, heart, and a little theatre magic, The Hobbit leaps from the page to the stage in spring 2022. 

By Patricia Gray
Based on the classic by J.R.R. Tolkien 

Best enjoyed by ages 7 and up 
Location: The LCT Main Stage 
Length of Show: Approximately 1 hour long 

Discovery Auditions for The Hobbit will take place January 20-23, 2022 and are open to anyone ages 9 – Adult! Learn more on our Auditions page

Family Weekend Performance Info:
Sunday, April 3 – 2:00pm
Saturday, April 9 – 2:00pm & 7:00pm*
Sunday, April 10 – 2:00pm
*Pay What You Will

With his handmade silk suits, wide array of hats, and tiny gold pocket watch, Edward Tulane was the most exceptional toy in Abilene’s room. He was adored and he was happy. But then, one day, he was lost. Based on Newbery-winner Kate DiCamillo’s beloved book, audiences of all ages will love this breathtaking story of finding friendship, finding yourself, and eventually finding your way back home. 

From the book by Kate DiCamillo
Adapted for the stage by Dwayne Hartford 

Best enjoyed by ages 8 and up 
Location: The LCT Main Stage and On Tour
Length of Show: Approximately 75 minutes long
Sponsored by: Bank of the Bluegrass  

Family Weekend Performance Info 

Sunday, April 24 – 2:00pm
Saturday, April 30 – 11:00am & 2:00pm*
Sunday, May 1 – 2:00pm
Saturday, May 7 – 11:00am^ & 2:00pm
Sunday, May 8 – 2:00pm
*Pay What You Will
^Sensory Friendly 

Some stories don’t require words to make an impact on your heart. Balloonacy follows the unlikely friendship of a lonely old man and a magical red balloon. This Theatre for the Very Young Production is perfect for ages 3-7 and is all about the rediscovery of play and of the unruly joy it brings. Balloonacy is full of moments to make you laugh, cry, and remind you that you are never alone in the world. 

By Barry Kornhauser 

Best enjoyed by ages 3-7 
Location: The LCT Learning Stage 
Length of Show: Approximately 30 minutes long 

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