Find so many awesome summer camp themes at The Bright Spot Learning Lab! From LEGO to inventions, drama to fashion design, there’s something for every kiddo!

LOGO Bright Spot Learning Lab

Why The Bright Spot for Summer Camps?

We have low enrollment caps and student to teacher ratios. This provides a wonderful community building and personalized experience for each camper. For our full week camps, there is a maximum of 14 students working with 2 teachers for the week.

Our camps are custom designed for Bright Spots by Dr. Angie Madden (Bright Spot owner, camp leader, and certified and experienced educator) in collaboration with other camp teachers to maximize creativity, engagement, learning, and fun.

We provide a welcoming, friendly, inclusive environment. The Bright Spot is a beautiful, bright, kid friendly space filled with comfy places to gather, learn, and explore with a backyard area for play, activities, and picnics. All camp leaders are experienced in the field of education and know how to relate to, guide, and connect with children to create a truly lovely, unique camp experience.

Camps are drop off camps for Ages 5-12 and will run from 9-4 each day at The Bright Spot (118 Dennis Drive, Lexington KY 40503).

Campers will need to bring a packed lunch, water bottle, morning snack, and afternoon snack each day.

Extended Day Options are available to add on at check out from 8-9 am and 4-5 pm.

2024 Summer Camp Themes

When you can’t get to space, we’ll bring space to you with a week of space themed fun! Campers will travel on a fun-filled learning journey through the galaxy and while we try everything from balloon rockets to space ice cream to explore everything that lies beyond our world.

Magic Camp BSLL 24

This week is going to be magical with card tricks, balloon animals, disappearing coins, and more! We’ll explore all kinds of magic tricks and get a visit from a real-life magician! Campers will each receive their own magic kit that they will learn to use throughout the week. We’ll end the week with a magic show for our families and friends on Friday, June 14 from 3:30-4:00 (or 4:30-5:00 for extended day campers).

STEM venture Camp BSLL 24

Are you ready to go on a Summer STEMventure? This camp will focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) challenges, coding, robots, and more! Bust out those thinking caps to problem solve STEM scenarios, learn to code your own video or game, teach a robot to dance or sing or do your homework (just kidding…maybe ;), tinker in our makerspace, and engage in all kinds of other sorts of fun filled, creative tasks with a delightful crew of Bright Spots. We’ll end camp with a showcase on June 20 from 3:30-4 (4:30-5 for extended day) where campers can show their friends and family what we have been working on.

Invention Camp BSLL 24

Let your curiosity, creativity, and problem solving skills run wild at this camp designed to encourage invention and innovation. Campers will learn about the engineering design process to come up with problems, design solutions, develop prototypes, make improvements, and develop a final invention product. We’ll study famous inventors and inventions and learn about how mistakes and experiments are all part of the creative, inventing process. We’ll end the week on June 28 from 3:30-4:00 (4:30-5 for extended day) with an Invention Convention, where we’ll share our inventions with our family and friends.

BSLL Fashion Camp 24

Give your wardrobe a fashion overhaul in this mini-camp focused fashion design, fiber arts, creativity, and fun. While getting to know each other and build our camper community, we’ll learn lots of different sewing techniques (machine sewing, hand sewing, and embroidery), embellishing techniques (buttons, gems, bows, painting), and elements of fashion design. We’ll wrap up our camp on July 3 from 3:30-4 (4:30-5 for extended day) with a fashion show where friends and family are invited to see our creations.

Drama camp BSLL 24

Explore drama in this fun filled, play and creativity based drama experience. We’ll learn the basics of drama and let hilarity and creativity ensue as we practice our skills through putting together a production just for you. We’ll end the session on July 12 from 3:30-4 (4:30-5 for extended day) with a show where friends and family can see what we’ve been up to!

Summer Film Camp BSLL 24

Film lovers, this camp is for you! We’ll watch and study films and what makes them interesting to us (light, sound, actors, props, scenes, etc.) as well as different film techniques (traditional, animation, stop motion). Then campers will use what they learned to write, produce, direct, and film their very own film! We’ll end the week with a showcase on July 19 3:30-4 (4:30-5 for extended day) where you can view their hard work and celebrate their accomplishments!


A week filled with Lego fun? Yes, yes, and yes!!!!! Lego challenges, Lego free builds, Lego sets, Lego stop motion movies, and more will keep Lego lovers delighted in this camp experience designed just for Lego lovers!

Any kind of painting you can think of and we are going to fold it into this week of painting fun! We’ll give watercolors, acrylics, splatter painting, and more a try in what is sure to be a messy and relaxing good time. We will get paint-y each day, so dress for the mess!

Chemistry Camp BSLL 24

Acids and bases, baking and mixing, slime and solutions, this camp is going to be a blast! Come learn all about what makes chemistry and what chemistry makes in this week long camp dedicated to the wild and wonderful world of science.

Although we will be doing chemistry, we will be using goggles and gloves as needed and will be using household chemicals (vinegar, oil, baking soda, soap, food coloring, etc.) to assure that we are working with items that are safe for children to explore.

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