Join the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia as they bring The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites by Eric Carle to Lexington!

Lex Fun 4 Kids Writer, Kelly, took her family to enjoy the show and has a great review!

Lex Fun 4 Kids Review

In our house, we are big fans of Eric Carle’s books. We must have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to my oldest hundreds of times in his first year. My youngest has had Brown Bear, Brown Bear memorized since she was tiny. For tonight’s performance, three books were included. First, the story of Little Cloud (which somehow I’d missed before tonight), next is The Mixed-Up Chameleon and last being The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The show begins by informing the audience that this is a “shhh free show” and that if you feel inclined to join in, please do. From then on, the room was filled with squeals of delight, laughter, and other happy exclamations. 

If you are familiar with Eric Carle’s work, then you know that his books have great messages! The little cloud and his creativity or how the chameleon learns being himself is also pretty great and how the caterpillar transforms. Because of this, the play is recommended for all ages, and I wholeheartedly agree! My nearly 8-year-old was almost as captivated as my 5-year-old, who was utterly enchanted. And, if I’m honest, my husband and I were only slightly less fascinated. This makes for a great family date or school trip, and if you are planning to go; prepare to be mesmerized by this visually stunning performance! From beginning to end, you won’t be able to look away! 

Before going, be sure to dust off your old copies, hit the library, or grab a book from a friend (I hear you can even purchase them up at the Lexington Children’s Theater). You don’t need to be familiar with the books to appreciate this performance, but I can almost guarantee you’ll be digging them out when you get home. The Very Hungry Caterpillar was everyone’s first choice to read tonight!

Once the play is finished, the actors held a question and answer session, which is nearly as amazing as the play. I’m just sad I didn’t get all of my questions answered! How did they make it rain, and how do they get the fly to flutter so perfectly? I think you’ll agree that seeing the movements with the actors visible just ads to the magic of this performance!

Some things to know before you go:

  1. The theater was cold when we were there. Bring a sweater just in case!

  2. If your kiddos are tiny, ask about borrowing a pillow to sit on! 

  3. Bring cash for books, and other fun stuff!

  4. Remember, this event is being held at the Opera House and NOT at Lexington Children’s Theater.

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