Great news from Lexington mayor, Linda Gorton.  Gorton announced Tuesday, June 30th that playgrounds and splashpads will be reopening.

This Saturday, July 4, 2020 playgrounds will reopen all over town. Children should wear masks and be encouraged to keep their distance from other children. There will be signage reminding visitors how to safely play during the COVID pandemic.

In addition, the City’s four spraygrounds will open in mid-July at Jacobson Park, Masterson Station Park, Douglass Park and Castlewood Park.

To keep the spraygrounds from becoming too crowded, parents will be required to reserve a block of time up to 1 hour and 45 minutes. More information will be provided on how to sign up as soon as a firm date for opening the spraygrounds is established. The same rules about masks and social distancing, apply.

And, last but not least, individual basketball courts will also open this Saturday. Larger banks of courts, for example those at Douglass, Shillito and Constitution parks, will remain closed in the short-term.

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