We just finished the first session at LEGO KidsFest!!  WOW!!  I have NEVER seen so many LEGOs!!!
I thought I’d share a bit of information from the day so those of you attending Saturday and Sunday are ready!!
1.  No outside food or drink is allowed (we were not searched but just keep that in mind)
2.  We started in the back and worked our way back to the front.  It makes somewhat of a loop so that would be a good way to head through as well.  The store is in the back so if you don’t have a bag for ‘swag’ you can shop and get one.  Today they did have some of last year’s LEGO KidsFest t shirts they were giving away for free.
3.  Grab swag!  There are LEGO KidsClub Magazines and the LEGO Club JR magazines at the front on the right – be sure to sign up to get these delivered to your home for free!!!  They have free posters there as well.
4.  At the Ninjago booth (and many others) you have to wait in a line to ‘get in’ to the ‘corral’ – don’t worry they move you in and out pretty quick.  As you leave the build area you should get a free Samukai.
5.  Grab Heroica and Friends comic books at their booths.  Grab a DUPLO paper hat.  My older son LOVED wearing his around all day (and all night after we left!   He got soooo much attention at the hotel!)
6.  T shirts are $15 – $25, the store has pretty regular prices on everything but some items are on sale, keychains are $5, and they have lots of the new mini figure series for $3.
7.  It is CROWDED.  Dress your child in something unique if you can.
8.  The Theater or Reading Area is a good spot to just relax for a few.
9.  In the construction zone if you build something cool find a LEGO worker and they will display it in the special cases around the area.
10.  There is a lost child area so teach your kids to identify LEGO workers so those are the folks they go to for help.
11.  Be sure to stop by the ‘outside vendors’ areas (Cincinnati had reps from the zoo, Reds, aquarium, a local blog, and more)  Many had their own giveaways and freebies.
12.  Jump in on the challenges – a friend’s son won a Spongebob LEGO set for building a crabby patty!! I hope this helps!!  Feel free to message me on Facebook with any more questions!!! Have fun guys

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  • Marissa Dumas , August 23, 2012

    Awesome Tips! Thank you so much for posting 🙂 We are heading to the LegoFest in Austin and I think the WHOLE family is excited about it!!

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