WOW!!!  Another wonderful time at LEGO KidsFest!!  We had a great day today and I know the other Saturday and Sunday sessions will bring smiles to many, many faces!




I’ve written up a few quick tips based on our adventure today!  Hope this helps make your day go a little smoother!







*Be aware parking is $8.  Cash/credit card/debit accepted.  I saw shuttles running from the Crowne Plaza so if you stay there find out about that!

1.  When you arrive – you will show your tickets then be escorted into lanes that you will walk through when they open the gates.  Don’t feel obligated to get there 30 minutes early – the difference between the front and back of those lines is literally seconds.  They got us all in very quickly and we were off!

2.  The map is online so you can scope out your little one’s favorite thing and hit that first.  We usually head to the back first then work our way around.  It does make a pretty nice circle so you can loop through.  Grab the KidsFest Program Guide at the entrance as well.  That guide details all the specifics for what happens at each area and has the map too.

3.  There are some lines and it is crowded so be patient.  The lines do move quickly and the bonus about waiting in line is that you can see what the ‘object’ of the station is and figure out your ‘game plan’.  Chima took the longest at about 10 minutes.










4.  Remember your swag bag!!  You get lots of freebies so bring a bag to keep up with your things in.  Some are posters so make sure you can keep them safe from getting bent up.

*Chima – FREE Speedorz and posters
*LEGO Challenge – FREE Harry Potter LEGO set
*LEGO Club – FREE LEGO Club and LEGO Club, Jr. Magazines – be sure to sign up so your little ones can get their FREE subscription!!
*Table near the theater – FREE LEGO Pirate hat
*Galaxy Squad – FREE Button
*DUPLO Zone – DUPLO Paper Hat
*We also got a FREE LEGO Truck kit when we participated in a LEGO Activity Area event.


Also, at the LEGO Retail store there are signs that say if you spend $75 you get a FREE LEGOLAND ticket.

5.  Food…. You can RE-ENTER with a  hand stamp!!  Go to the exit and ask.  You can then pack something for lunch/dinner and go out to eat in the lobby area or in your car.  If you choose to eat there be prepared to wait in line and pay a bit more for the convenience of eating on site.  There is pizza, chicken, fish, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, soups, and ice cream.  The sandwich place had the healthiest choices and offered a kids meal of a ham or turkey sandwich, baggie of carrots, and a drink for $6.

6.  There are other Non-LEGO things to see and do.  The Mommy Nest (Louisville area website), The Louisville Science Center, Louisville Slugger, Louisville Zoo, and other places have small booths set up around the perimeter of the area.  Check those out too – The Mommy Nest had the balloon guy which was a big hit with lots of folks and had a long line!

7.  If you want to see it all keep a steady pace and then you can go back to something that your kids enjoyed the most.  We stayed the whole 4 1/2 hours with a short break for dinner and didn’t do it all!!  But, my kids had a blast and that’s the whole reason we went!!

8.  There are lots of LEGO BrickScapes around as well as HUGE LEGO models of people like Harry Potter, Darth Vader, Woody, Lightning McQueen and more!  Bring a camera – those are lots of fun to take pictures with!

9.  If you want to get another freebie (LEGO Detective Card) you can grab a LEGO City Police Case File paper from the back near the Theater and LEGO Games area.  You go around the whole LEGO KidsFest area looking for signs with clues to fill in the blanks so you can find the robber’s secret hideout!



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