FREE meals available to ANY kids in Fayette County!!

Kids Eat Here, a new local initiative to promote the federal Summer Food Service Program, aims to ensure that all students have enough to eat when school is out. Partners include Fayette County Public Schools, God’s Pantry Food Bank, Employment Solutions Inc./Fresh Approach and the city of Lexington. “This initiative is all about leveraging resources to make sure no child goes hungry,” Mayor Jim Gray said in announcing the kickoff. “We believe the program can reach even more children.”

Nearly 21,000 students in Fayette County Public Schools, or 53 percent, receive free or reduced-cost meals. The summer food program, however, is open to everyone. “Kids Eat Here welcomes all children 18 and younger to come join us for meals. We look forward to seeing you soon,” said Michelle Coker, the district’s director of Child Nutrition. For more details, call (859) 381-3846 or visit

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List of Locations and Meal Times

7th Street Community Center: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm and Snack, Mon.-Fri. 3:30-4:00pm

Appian Place (3645 Appian Way): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Breckinridge Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)

Booker T. Washington Intermediate School: Lunch, Mon.-Wed. 12:20-1:00pm (6/23-7/16)

Booker T. Washington Primary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)

Brucetown Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Cardinal Valley Elementary School: Breakfast, Mon.-Thurs. 8:30-8:55am (6/23-7/8), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)

Cardinal Valley Neighborhood Park: Lunch, Mon-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Castlewood Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Consolidated Baptist Church: Dinner, Mon.-Fri. 7-8:00pm (open site from June 9th-June 13th)

Deep Springs Elementary School: Breakfast, Tues.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/17-6/27), Lunch, Tue.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/17-6/27)

Dixie Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)

Douglass Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Dunbar Community Center: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Duncan Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Embrace United Methodist Church: Lunch, Mon.-Thurs. 1-1:30pm

Fox Run Apartments: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Full Circles Limestone Street: Breakfast, Mon-Fri. 9-9:30am (7/14-8/1), Lunch, Mon.-Fr. 12-12:30pm (7/14-8/1)

Gainesway Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Green Acres Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Harrison Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)

Highland Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

James Lane Allen Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:20pm (6/16-8/1)

Julius Marks Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-12:00pm (6/16-6/20)

Lansdowne Elementary School: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 7:40-8:00am (6/23-7/18), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11:40-12:00pm (6/23-7/18)

Lexington Traditional Magnet School (LTMS): Lunch Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)

Martin Luther King Academy (MLK): Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 8:30-9am (6/16-7/18), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-7/18)

Martin Luther King Park (MLK): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Mary Todd Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)

Millcreek Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)

Northern Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)

Prall Town Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Queen Avenue (17 Queen Avenue): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Race for Education (1818 Versailles Road): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Shiloh Baptist Church: Dinner, Mon.-Fri. 5-6:00pm (6/23 – 6/27)

Southern Middle School: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 8:30-9:00am (6/16-7/25), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)

STEAM Academy: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 8:00-8:30(6/16-7/3 & 7/14-18 & 7/28-8/1), Lunch,Mon.-Fri. (6/16-7/3 & 7/14-18 & 7/28-8/1)

TatesCreek Campus: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)

Tates Creek Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Total Grace Baptist Church: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 8-8:40am (6/9-8/1), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:40pm (6/9-8/1)

Van Buren (1571 Van Buren): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

Village Branch Public Library: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11:30-12:30pm, Snack, Mon-Fri. 3:30-4:00pm

Whitley Young Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm

William Wells Brown Elementary School: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 9-9:45am (6/23-8/1), Lunch,Mon.-Fri. 1-1:30pm (6/16-8/1)

Winburn Matador Apartments: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm / Winburn Middle School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)


  • Charles , June 9, 2014

    Will the kids be free to leave after receiving their lunches? Or do they have to stay and eat it there?

  • betsyh2os , June 10, 2014

    You’ll have to get specifics about the program from FCPS. I’m just sharing their info.

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